Cancer, Chemotherapy and Surgery

Beginning hypnotherapy early enhances coping skills, helping in the prevention of anxiety and depression from developing. Hypnotherapy will improve overall wellbeing, maintaining a positive outlook.

Hypnotherapy provides positive outcomes, relieving and diminishing the psychological and physical symptoms. Which includes but not limited to:

• Immune support
• Stress
• Fear
• Sleep disturbances
• Pain
• Nausea and vomiting
• Relaxation during the administration of chemotherapy
• Anxiety, depression as mentioned.

I aim to provide my clients who currently undergo cancer treatment with the highest quality care and a hypnotherapy appointment before undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, would facilitate the greatest relief.

Clients undergoing surgical procedures in the treatment of cancer including bone marrow aspiration, breast cancer will benefit from the hypnotherapy, which will promote a reduction in pain, nausea and fatigue. Hypnotherapy has the capability to decrease the amount of anesthesia and analgesic use, decrease side effects associated with surgery and accelerate healing and recovery time.

Hypnotherapy for cancer patients requires a medical referral. I aim to provide my clients with the greatest care, compassion and support from helping obtain a physicians referral to assisting you in hospital or private residence if required.

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