Pre & Post Surgical Hypnotherapy

Medical literature has significant documentation on the success of hypnotherapy or hypno-analgesia for the substantial reductions in: acute pain, chronic pain, the need for analgesics or sedation, nausea, vomiting, pain medications, length of stay in hospitals.

Hypnotherapy aids in reducing inflammation, blood flow and loss, accelerates the healing process of bone fractures or breaks, post surgical wounds and burns.

Often associated with better overall outcome after medical treatment, hypnotherapy provides greater physiological stability. Surgeons and other health providers have reported significantly higher degrees of satisfaction with their patients treated with hypnotherapy than with their other patients.

Hypnotherapy or hypno-analgesia has the best success when initiated prior to surgery or other medical procedures. This allows time to master the hypnotic techniques, reduce stress and anxiety and be mentally, physically prepared.

As a general guideline, having six to eight hypnotherapy session’s pre surgery and several post operatively provides optimal therapeutic outcome. Some individual circumstances require additional appointments.

Pre and post surgical hypnotherapy requires a medical referral. Once I obtain a physician’s referral, I provide my clients with the greatest care and support through rehabilitation and recovery.

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