I can not say enough about how comforting and easy Shellie is to work with and how much she has helped me over the past year. I was a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy prior to my sessions. Shellie honored my concerns and never pushed me into anything. She gently worked with me right where I was and the experience was gentle and extremely effective. I sought hypnotherapy after a fall from my horse. I had been jumping horses all of my life, but following a hard fall I became afraid. I continued working with riding coaches but I just found my confidence shaky and my fear level interfering with my ability to ride my horse effectively to a jump.

What is amazing about Shellie is her background in competitive sports made me feel like I was talking with someone who completely understood my sport, my frustration and my goals. She spent a lot of time with me discussing the moment by moment details of jumping and the moment that the fear came in on the approach to the jump. She understood the details so well that she was able to replay the approach and help me to confidently remember back before the fear came in and substitute the fearful approach for a confident approach. Shellie and I worked together on three occasions in person as well as by Skype. She also made me recordings to use on my own. Since working together my confidence has been growing and I feel like I am my old self, confidently approaching a jump. The fear tape no longer takes over. I even asked my coach recently to build the jump up – I want to jump higher! Shellie is a gifted, kind and compassionate person with a genuine gift. I can’t thank her enough for getting me back on track.

Natasha, Designer