I am a personal trainer and nutritionist and first met Shellie in the industry in Australia. When I first came across hypnotherapy I was really really sceptical about the process unlike a lot of people who are intrigued by it or really into it, I was just so worried about what would be involved for me.

I was in part of my life that was kind of dark and I was figuring things out and I was starting fresh and things were not working for me. When I met Shellie we did some mind coaching sessions and hypnosis, from that process I was really excited and surprised at what I actually got out of it.

As a coach and someone who motivates and inspires people being in a situation where I wasn’t able to do that was quite hard. That must have been some kind of block in my subconscious mind. We came through some realizations as Shellie worked with me and I was able to overcome my inability to make decisions and could see things that were happening around me differently now, with clarity. I saw things change pretty much straight away from the process which was fantastic.

Hypnotherapy is one of those things that you need someone really grounded and really trustworthy like Shellie to work with you.

If you are looking to work with Shellie you definitely have my recommendation.