I pursued hypnotherapy because I had test anxiety.
I am currently in my last year in dental school and I had one more written exam that I had to pass in order to become a dentist. This exam is called the National Dental Board Examination. Just the thought of thinking about this examination back then made my heart skip many beats, made me feel hypoglycemic, and made me literally shake uncontrollably.
I tried many different things to help reduce my test anxiety and nothing worked. Shellie was recommended to me and I thought that I would give hypnosis a try. Yes, I was hesitant at first because I did not know what to expect and I was questioning if hypnosis would actually work on me. I also had anxiety within itself to admit my fears to a stranger that I didn’t know. However, at our first meeting, Shellie made me feel at home and made me feel comfortable enough to open up completely.
She really listened to me and asked me questions that were significant in helping identify my fears, thus helping me overcome it. Before our first session, I was unable to retain and recall any information that I was studying because my mind was too clogged due to stress. However, I noticed a change instantly after our first session. I felt more relaxed and even excited to start studying and prepping for my examination. Shellie changed my perspective in getting me into a relaxed state, planting seeds of positivity, and making me feel that studying is enjoyable.
Shellie also created recordings of hypnosis to help me relax and refocus. This allowed me to have hypnosis available at any given time when I felt any anxiety or had a clogged mind. She also prepared me for test day, sending me techniques/tips and created a positive experience in the testing room to help me recall and stay calm throughout the exam prior to the exam itself.
She took time out of her busy schedule to ensure the success of my therapy, and went above and beyond  her job duties - she truly cares about her clients!
Because of her hard work and efforts, I successfully passed my National Dental Board Examination with flying colors and remained calm and collect throughout my whole examination. I would recommend hypnosis to all of my friends, family, and patients because it truly does work!
Hypnosis does not only help those who have anxiety, need help with studying, or changing a perspective of an old mindset. But rather, it can help treat all different aspects ranging from dieting to presenting in front of a large group of people. Shellie is amazing and is truly the best out there! Take the first step and change your life, this is your chance to make that positive movement that you always wanted to make!